Advanced Steel Fabrications

Advanced Steel Fabrications is a leading South Australian company with a proud history in the structural steel industry.

Advanced steel fabrications operates an integrated  Quality, Health , Safety and Environmental management system (QHSE) across all our business activities. This enables us to report , develop , implement , and monitor and review  out comes in line with our business objectives to keep us on the path of continuous  improvement.

QUALITY Advanced steel is quality endorsed company since 2009 and currently holds accreditation to International Quality Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate no. (Q0140)

Health and Safety At Advanced steel the Health and Safety of all our Employees and sub contractors is of the upmost importance. The  compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act, 1986 is achieved through our active safety management system which is fully supported by management and staff.

ASF is a leading supplier of processed and fabricated steel to the building industry servicing the construction, government and mining sectors.

ASF has provided structural steel fabrication and erection services to the Australian building industry since 1979.

During the past 30 years the company has experienced progressive growth to meet the needs of our customers and the steel fabrication industry, to be a market leader when it comes to technology and fabrication economics.

With our Daito fully automated cut, drill and marking lines enables us to service the industry with an efficient quality product.

ASF endeavours to embrace further technological growth whilst having clear intensions of preserving and further enhancing our strong ethics in business, customer service combined with an exceptional final product. 

At Advanced Steel Fabrications we have strong ETHICS IN BUSINESS and we dwell on CUSTOMER SERVICE, exceptional product and promote strong values to our company’s attitude and culture. It’s a commitment that we are proud of, and a major part of our future plans.